Welcome to my homepage. I am an assistant professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, a research fellow at MOVE, and an affiliated professor at the Barcelona GSE. I am also a Research Affiliate of SAFE at the House of Finance at Goethe University Frankfurt.

You reach me at chris.busch[at]movebarcelona.eu.

I work in the fields of Macroeconomics and Labor Economics, using parametric and non-parametric empirical methods together with quantitative structural models to address questions of labor income dynamics, insurance against income risk, and labor market mobility.

You find an overview of my research here.

You can download my CV here.

Here is the program to the conference on Income Dynamics and the Family at the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum on June 10-11 2019, that I am organizing with Rocío Madera and Fabian Kindermann. Keynote speakers are Mariacristina De Nardi and Matthias Doepke.