Welcome to my homepage. I am a post-doctoral researcher at the University of
. I am also a Junior Fellow of SAFE at the House of Finance at Goethe University Frankfurt.

I look forward to joining Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Fall 2017.


Prof. Fatih Guvenen
Department of Economics
University of Minnesota
guvenen [at]

Prof. Alexander Ludwig
House of Finance
Goethe University Frankfurt
ludwig [at]

Prof. David Domeij
Department of Economics
Stockholm School of Economics
david.domeij [at]
Prof. Michael Krause
Center for Macroeconomic Research
University of Cologne
michael.krause [at]


Overview of Research

I work in the fields of Macroeconomics and Labor Economics.
I work with quantitative models and analyze micro data using both parametric and non-parametric methods. You find an overview of my research here.