Working Papers

Asymmetric Business Cycle Risk and Social Insurance [version: August 2018]
with David Domeij, Fatih Guvenen, and Rocio Madera (previous version available as NBER WP 24569) R&R at AEJ: Macro
See column on VoxEU

Higher-Order Income Risk over the Business Cycle [new version of paper coming soon] with Alexander Ludwig

Occupational Switching and Wage Risk [in revision]

Selected Work in Progress

Should Germany Have Built a New Wall? Macroeconomic Lessons from the 2015-18 Refugee Wave (in preparation for the Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference Series on Public Policy)
with Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig, Irina Popova, and Zainab Iftikhar

Higher-Order Wage and Hours Dynamics over the Life Cycle: Evidence from France and Germany
with Priscilla Fialho and Fatih Guvenen